How do I sign up and place my ad for banner advertising?

By admin04 Feb, 2021
How do InterventionalPainJobs store my payment information? By admin.03 Feb, 2021

IPJ uses a third party payment processor to process transactions. Your payment information is never stored on IPJ, it is stored by our payment process ...

How do I sign up for a Featured job? By admin.03 Feb, 2021

Go to Buy Credits in your profile. Select a single job posting and in payment you will have the option to sign up for a featured job posting or a basi ...

Do jobs expire? By admin.03 Feb, 2021

For now jobs do not expire. The only job posts that expire are featured and priority posts.

How do I review the candidate database? By admin.03 Feb, 2021

To have access to the database, there will be a minimum requirement of purchasing one job posting.

How can I get my job posting in front of more candidates? By admin.03 Feb, 2021

Upgrade! You can have your job featured on the home page by upgrading your post. Also IPJ offers banner advertising! Please see pricing information in ...

How do I update a job posting? By admin.03 Feb, 2021

Go to My Jobs in your profile, pick the job you would like to update, click edit and edit the position and click update details.

How do I pay for advertising of job postings and post a position? By admin.03 Feb, 2021

Under your profile, go to Buy Credits, pick a plan that works for you and fill out your payment information and click pay. You will receive a confirma ...

How do I register on By admin.03 Feb, 2021

Go to the top of the home page and click Post a Job. Add your name, email address, company name, phone number, and password information to the Sign Up ...

Is there a fee to Register? By admin.03 Feb, 2021

Registration is free.